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A Better Alternative to SERP Clix

Other SERP Clicker's pricing starts at $0.15 per click.
Ours start at $0.008 per click.
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Search Engine Compatibility

Improve your site's ranking on the two main search engines with relevant results in less than 3 months.

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Business Listings

We're one of the few providers that also help with the SEO improvement for business listings.

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Et*y listings and YT Videos, too!

The same search, click and watch service can also work with YT videos and Et*y listings!

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How Does It Work?

To improve the ranking of your website, video, or business listing on search engines, it's important to outperform your competitors in terms of click-through rate (CTR) and website engagement.

One way to achieve this is by using our service: we will search for your pre-defined keywords, click on your website from the search results, and randomly explore multiple pages on your website.

This increased engagement can signal to search engines that your website is more relevant and it should rank higher than others.

Since the appearance of high-quality AI content generators, the search engines will move more to signals generated by user activity rather than content.

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Ads Safety

We're using adblockers so our traffic will not have an impact on your ads. This also applies to video ads.

Browser Geolocation

Define a custom geographic radius to feed your search and GMB sessions in a realistic way.

Advanced Settings

Define mobile or desktop allocation, bounce rates, page views, session duration, day of the week allocation, browser timezone, and browser language.

Before & After Comparison GSC

Before Optimization GSC
After Optimization GSC

Before & After Comparison GMB

Optimization GMB
Optimization GMB
Based on our recent tests, we've found that the search engines (SEs) don't focus solely on individual website click-through rates (CTR), but instead looks at the overall search CTR. This means that if a particular website receives the majority of clicks for a group of related keywords, it will rank higher in search results. As a result, it's important to focus on increasing the number of searches for your targeted keywords, rather than just improving the CTR for your website.

For instance, let's say you want to optimize for a set of keywords with a total of 10,000 daily searches. Even if your website has a high CTR of 80%+, if it only receives 1,000 clicks per day, SEs will only see it as receiving 10% of the clicks. To improve your ranking, you would need to increase your daily clicks to 8,000, so that SEs see that your website receives around 50% of all clicks (i.e., 8,000 out of 18,000 searches per day).

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50 Searches / Day

At least 1500 searches / month

20 keywords

At least 2 minutes spent on your site

Up to 2 page views of your site

Country-level GEO targeting

Promote Google Search, Google My Business,
Bing Search, Bing Places for Business,
Youtube video search, Etsy and Direct URL


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this method safe?

Generally speaking, this method is safe. It's known that you can get penalised for bad referrals, but not for CTR improvement. Technically all artificial practices are against the guidelines.

Does it really work? Who says so?

Neil Patel, Backlinko, MOZ, Hubspot, Linkgraph

Do you offer any guarantees or refunds?

We offer a free forever account that provides at least 300 clicks/month. This is why we can't offer refunds.

Do you load videos?

Yes, we also load videos.

How long does it take to notice results?

Our tests indicate that if you target a 30% traffic increase month over month, you will see the average rank indicator improvement in 2-3 months, provided you configured multiple long-tail keywords, not just a few "money keywords".

Is there a minimum contract?

No, you are free to cancel at any time.

Can I configure the bounce rate?

Yes, there is a long list of parameters you can set for your campaigns, including the time spent on site and browser language.

Is support included?

Yes, we provide best effort support. Besides this, we also provide a detailed guide on how to set everything up.


A Good Amount of Movement

I've been using the free tier of the service for a week and a half and have already seen a good amount of movement with our GMB ranking. We were ranked 20-30 and have already moved up to 13-17 for our keywords. It was really easy to set up and started running pretty quickly. I do recommend the service and will most likely be upgrading to a paid tier in the near future. The one thing I do wish the service offered was hyper-local traffic or a way to plug in a 4g proxy. Currently they only offer traffic localized to the state.

C_Coffie @ B.H.W.
20% In GSC

I've been testing it for a month now and I can see an improvement of about 20% in GSC. Thank you!

The Fleoshkinator @ B.H.W.
Highly Recommended

Great UI and great staff. Very knowledgeable people and smooth interface. After trying a few competitions I can say that this one is HIGHLY recommended.

Regileo @ B.H.W.
From 38 to 9

I've been using the free version over the last 3 weeks. Moved 3 keywords from position 38 to position 9. Just informational articles, but still, the effect is visible. I might go for the premium version!

Alexion @ B.H.W.

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